Will there be a Jupiter Net Banking website?

On Jupiter homepage, there are screenshots for mobile app but none for the web version. Will there be a Net Banking website? The problem with all current banks is their 20th century net banking UIs. I hope on Jupiter, there will be a 21st century net banking website.


Considering the trends of neobanks, chances are lean for a website for Netbanking. Neobanks are famous for their mobile apps.

You will be using federal bank net banking I believe as most neo fintech companies focus on mobile apps and forego websites.

Question is what you need NetBanking site for?

Advantage of big screen on desktop/laptop. 5-6 inches mobile devices are too small and inconvenient to get anything done except phone calls. Fund transfer, service requests, downloading statements, managing cards is a breeze on full screen. Most of the other things can be done on laptops so why to switch to a mobile phone just to do some banking tasks?

with close to 800mn smartphone penetration, the reach is obviously with the phone, right approach will be to enhance the mobile interface so that the functions above are a breeze on the phone itself.

Hi @gegobyte

Beg to differ, I’d always rather use my phone to finish things, than checking it out in my laptop.

With regard to statement, Jupiter already will be providing a consolidated summary in the home screen of the app itself which should be more than enough to understand our spendings and if we actually need a statement for any submission, we can directly download and there would ideally be no use to look at it ourselves. If needed in big screen also, we can anytime just mail the same. Maybe Jupiter can even add a option to send statements directly to our mail on requests, which you can use to check in the laptop.

The fund transfers currently are mainly happening through UPIs, net banking is hardly used unless you are like a propritor. Even if thats required, like all other mobile banking apps, transfer to accounts should be even more easier.

With regard to managing cards, we have will be as of now having a single account. So there isnt multiple accounts for us to handle other than the other bank accounts we have.

Also, banking isnt something which we do everyday, its more about expenses which we incur and maybe a few fund transfers. So we can use the mobile itself for an additional 5 mins and close the task.

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