Tap to Pay Wearable and Net Banking


Are you guys planning to launch any tap-to-pay wearable band or something? Would be highly appreciated.

Also, how do I access Jupiter net banking? I don’t always have access to the mobile app.

Cannot wait for your reply!!!


They don’t have netbanking :sob:

@RAGHAV1183 we had a concept for smart watches but that’s still in the planning phase.
We’d need a lot more data for this.

  1. How often do people use smartwatches for payments?
  2. How many people have smartwatches?
  3. Is it more efficient than paying from a phone/physical debit card? - Need multiple use cases.

The questions are endless. Things like this can help us scope this project :watch:


Acc. to my experience.
Tap to pay is still not much popular. QR payment is more prefered at merchants in urban, semi-urban and rural areas.
Reason is that availablity of POS or any NFC enabled devices is only in metro, urban cities but less in semi-urban and rural market. But Tap to pay and NFC is increasing strictly.

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Yup, agreed @0Abhi0

NFC should be a thing tho. Plenty of merchants support tap-to-pay.

If we can use NFC chips on our phones as a smooth n efficient payment method, I’d like that.

@Aniket_Nangare are you sure they don’t have net banking?
@Shawnpinto what about net banking?? Is it a thing?

Yes i am sure

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@RAGHAV1183 It’s true. We do not have Net banking.

@Shawnpinto I am not always with my phone and sometimes need to make bank transfers, so netbanking would be highly appreciated. Are you guys planning to add it or are working on it?

@RAGHAV1183 Not yet. We’ll need to scope this first.
The use case that you provided is valid though.

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Jupiter bank account is very cool but one issue and i am worrying about net banking. So kindly do process to open net banking for customers who have jupiter account partner with federal bank