Some suggestions

Hey, I have been using Jupiter and other NeoBanks from last 1 year. Due to convenience and offering I majorly use Jupiter.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. The app feels very heavy while using, sometimes I notice significant amount of delay when I tap on something. Although I have a decent processor (Mid Range) and Latest Android version. I hope you optimise the app.

  2. I invest in Mutual Funds through Jupiter, but there is no option to get P&L statement for my investments. Please add option to download P&L statements.

  3. Recently I came across a neobank which offers single use virtual cards. This can be extremely helpful when we have to share Debit Card details with shady websites. If this is possible from bank’s side I think this can be a helpful feature.

  4. You can bring an account varient with similar streaks of Salary varient(or some of it) for non-salaried persons too with more average balance requirements than Pro.

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Hi @Raj_5 , could you mention which sections of the app you faced this delay? That would be helpful :blob_thanks:

Yes you got it :grin:

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Here are some:

  1. Switching to Money section from Home just after opening the app. (Also switching to other sections)

  2. Going to Debit Card section from home.

Oh I see :+1: