Jupiter dark mode


Whats wrong with the app? I opened it and some of the tabs like jewels are in dark mode and it pains my eyes, the UI is horrible. There should be a way to switch back right?

ALSO whats with the new rewards system. Its just terrible now. All the rewards that we had for pro members were for normal as well, now half of them are unavailable for normal members, Pretty low category of offers and most of it is exclusive. This doesn’t even beat the saving accounts provided by icici, axis, hdfc, citi.

Why remove offers like 15% off on BlinkIt, there are no movie offers, no grocerie offers, only 1 travel offer that too a bus and no international transfer option. Literally Jupiter is not that great with the benefits anymore.

My view point


I tried addressing the dark mode inconsistency here. I’m pro dark mode, but not for this half baked implementation!

I can’t believe this passed the UX team unchecked.


@RSSM For the dark mode UI, We’ve implemented the dark UI just for the rewards tab since it’s isolated and hard to find - to see the initial feedback. We’ve all been using dark mode on multiple apps, can you share some ideas and suggestions for improving the look and feel? :blobthink:

For now, we’re following the material/minimalist designs.