Jupiter app must have dark mode

Jupiter app has a very good app interface and feafures but it doesn’t have a night mode/dark mode as it can add a usability at night and in low light environment


Welcome to the community @saakalp :+1:t2:
The Team is working on it :v:t2:
(Even though the feature is not on the high-priority list, we can definitely see it in the near future. )


@saakalp The feature has been requested multiple times by many including yours truly.

In my list of regularly used apps, Jupiter is the only app without a dark mode.

But the Jupiter Team must have more important things to do now. It’s releasing a lot of more important features eg. Edge credit cards.

So let’s wait for it.

As such the Jupiter interface without the dark mode isn’t too bad. It’s one of the most beautiful and well designed apps.

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Dark mode isn’t in our the focus area at the moment.
However, if you see some sections of the app, it does appear darker. (Dark purple, grey/black)
Some campaigns like Scan and Yayy! were also in black.