Dark mode feature

Are there any plans to implement dark mode? It is the basic feature that everyone wants


I would also like to see Jupiter app in a dark mode. Space theme with a dark mode would be awesome - maybe with some shining stars, night sky effect, etc.

But I guess the Jupiter team won’t choose form over function right now. Maybe after things settle down, they’ll focus on dark mode. After all a proper Dark Mode takes work.

What say @Shawnpinto ?


Awesome man! This feature is needed @Shawnpinto


Oh wow @alexnazy, you’ve made dark mode sound even cooler now :exploding_head:


I didn’t think that much but you made this better even for imagination and also made it difficult to developers :joy::joy:

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In my mind, I am visualising that it could become a cluttered interface if not implemented right - too many stars would make the interface noisy. It’s a fine balance between minimal and usability.

But I am confident that the @JupiterTeam can pull it off. :smiley:

I use it in Dark Mode :see_no_evil:

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@Pratyushh Do you force Dark mode using some third-party app or phone system settings?

The phone does it, by default.

So phone system settings… Got it. Thanks

But then again… It’s forcing the Dark Mode. You may face some issues with the interface (Eg. text colour, image background, etc) at times.

Native Dark Mode in the app is always better. It will be as the designer/app developer intended it to be and you won’t face the interface issues mentioned above.

I haven’t noticed anything major, just little bit on Debit Card Page Animations. Rest all is great.

But, I agree that in-built would be better!

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My friend got dark mode update

@Aswin_Benny That’s probably the phone’s system theme that affected the app! :thinking:
They do that sometimes.


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Suggest you Turn on and off the dark mode once again and see whether the issue resolves or not. It is better to check whether any other app also does so or not
Also, please hide the personal information such as UPI id while sharing the screenshot bro.

It doesnt look like jupiter’s dark mode feature… See the orange colour. Looks like you have an issue with force dark mode :joy:

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Yup. It’s something to do with forced dark mode.

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Dear Jupiter Team,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the excellent services your bank provides through its mobile app. I have been a loyal customer for several years, and I find the app user-friendly and efficient. However, I would like to suggest an enhancement that I believe would greatly benefit your customers: the addition of a Dark Mode feature.

Dark Mode has become increasingly popular in various mobile applications due to its numerous advantages. It not only reduces eye strain during prolonged use but also conserves battery life, which is especially important for those who use the app frequently. Many users, including myself, prefer using Dark Mode during the evening and nighttime to avoid bright screens that can disrupt our sleep patterns.

I believe that implementing a Dark Mode option in the Jupiter would not only improve the user experience but also make the app more inclusive for a wider range of customers who have varying preferences and needs. This feature can be easily enabled through the app’s settings, allowing users to choose between a light and dark theme according to their preferences.

I encourage the Jupiter development team to consider this feature request seriously. It would undoubtedly be a valuable addition to an already outstanding mobile banking app. I look forward to the possibility of experiencing Dark Mode in the Jupiter app in the near future.

Thank you for your attention to this request, and for continually striving to enhance the banking experience for your customers.



Welcome to the community @Usaid

The dark mode feature is under roadmap of Jupiter. But not under high priority. Surely, you can see the feature in future.