Add Dark mode

Adding dark mode feature looks cool. Isn’t it?


The lack of dark mode in 2022 is a blatant violation of the Geneva Suggestions.

Puns aside, we need dark mode in Jupiter.


Yes, we need a separate option in the settings to choose light, dark, or black theme.

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1000000 people onboard. Still no dark mode.

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While it’s a nice to have feature, is it mandatory? It’s not a fintech app’s forte to sport a dark mode. Most payments and fintech apps don’t feature a dark mode.

That includes, Paytm, OneCard, Fi, PhonePe, Simpl etc. Not sure about the other banking apps though :roll_eyes:

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On this community we can ask Jupiter team to give us the features which aren’t there on other apps. If we like to have same experience as on other apps then we could have just used those apps instead of trying any new app!!

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That’s true. No one is stripping that right from you. To each their own.

I was voicing my thought and pointing out a pattern. I’m sure with an increase in screen time as more personal finance tools are introduced, dark mode will be baked in.

Someone say dark mode :eyes:
No spoilers but we’ll be showing the community the first look in a few weeks.
Just few screens for now :see_no_evil:


Dark mode :joy: