(Completed) Lab test #1 - Updated Insights & Networth feature (Account Aggregator)

Appreciate the feedback, thank you!

  1. Yes, while more banks participate in the AA network, we are trying our best to show you your balance using your bank SMSes. Hence, the staleness but this should get resolved soon as more banks are supported!
  2. I understand - maybe you can remove those accounts from your Networth? Might help you give a better picture of your Networth?
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Thanks for the feedback!
Hey - you should be able to see IFSC & other details for banks you have connected. Can you confirm if you don’t see it?

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Yep…I didn’t saw the option to remove particular account. I removed those and Now it’s fine.

I got stuck on a blank page.

  1. Went to the insights page
  2. Clicked on link account
  3. When I got to the third slide, I thought it was stuck. Took a while to realize I ahd to scroll and agree.
  4. I clicked on start. The “hang on” came to screen for a second ajd then blank page with arrow-head on the left top corner and “securely encrypted” on the right.

Thanks, for the clarification. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is not hiding networth amount

@Madhu Are you able to see a toggle on the Networth page?
There’s an option to hide the balance on the Home Screen.

No. It is not available

@Madhu The toggle should be below your account balances and details!

It’ll look like this:

Can you try to scroll below and see if it appears?
If anyone else is facing this issue, let us know.

Oh. I can see it.

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@Madhu What did you do to make it appear? :thinking:

Nothing. It was there whole time. I thought the toggle option is to remove remove networth part completely from Home Screen.

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For the new AA thing only my Kotak bank is available as supported bank.
All i could see was:

  1. Bank balance
    2.Account type

There is no IFSC or account number in it. It would be better if the IFSC and account number was copyable.

Hey Kruthi,

iOS. Jupiter app v 1.5.30

Now I am getting this error m, can some one help me out ?


@nishesh This can happen when the AA banks are down while we request for a refresh.
Can you check if it’s okay now?

Dealing with the same issue from last night and a while ago I was still trying not succeeded.

It’s either on a break or bank account not found. Maybe it’s an issue with HDFC and AA ?

my other bank accs are not in supported list so i cant try this feature out sadly.

Thanks for testing this out and sharing your feedback folks! :slight_smile:
Let’s keep at it. See if you find anything else.

We’re looking into each of these and might ping you if we have any questions.