Liquid Networth feature on Jupiter app

The liquid net worth feature uses SMS to fetch the balance of various bank accounts. But the problem is that we don’t always get SMS updates for changes in balances in various bank accounts. So the net worth shown will NEVER be accurate, only approximate.

Currently it shows up top and center on the home page. But I don’t want to use this feature because it’s never accurate. Moreover, this feature doesn’t make sense for a banking app, it makes more sense for a dedicated UPI app like PhonePe who’s purpose is to manage various bank accounts. But the purpose of a dedicated bank account should be focused on that bank account only.

I suggest you remove this feature as it’s an annoyance, deviating users from what’s important.

If you do want to keep this feature, use UPI to fetch balances from various bank accounts instead of SMSs. This too has problems as the other bank may be linked to a different phone number.

U can change display settings of liquid networth…it will not appear in homepage if you don’t need it