Fastest and Smoothest UPI Payment app ( Scan and Pay)

  • Jupiter :rocket:
  • Phonepe
  • Paytm
  • Google pay
  • Amazon
  • Freecharge
  • BHIM
  • Mobikwik
  • Bajaj Finance
  • Airtel Thanks
  • SBI Yono
  • Axis Mobile
  • CRED
  • ICICI imobile
  • Fi
  • HDFC Payzapp
  • Bob world
  • Dhani pay
  • Your Banking App

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If i missed, you can suggest in comment.
Let’s see :crossed_swords:

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The irony is that I have SBI YONO with me for the last 7-8 years. Never ever used its QR Scanner feature :smiley: :smiley: :laughing:
Same with the Canara Bank’s Ai1 app (Banking app)

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BHIM has a very special feature :pinched_fingers:.

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We’re winning! :jupiter:


3rd party app more famous than official banking app ( inbuilt) :rofl::rofl:

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BHIM is best for beta testing new features of NPCI ( Like Rupay cc linked UPI) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: , but their is no reward and cashback.


Google Pay was previously the fastest app for payments in my experience, but after the recent update, JUPITER has surpassed it.

True that!! I have officially moved away from Paytm

Tbh I use G Pay most of the time and sometimes cred.

i use paytm a lot for upi their upi payment with fingerprint is very convenient for me specially during rush in shops

Restaurant + SBI + Google Pay = Deadly combination :fire: :fire:
I have encountered server down issues on numerous occasions and Gpay gives me nightmares. Additionally, there have been numerous situations where the amount gets debited but the receiver does not receive any updates. As a result, we are forced to wait until the estimated time for the transaction to be completed.
So, gradually started using Debit cards at POS instead of Gpay .

It’s only working with Paytm payments Bank using payment via UPI, and maybe for transaction below 5k .

I’m using SBI with Gpay but never such any issues. I know this happens because SBI UPI system face lots of server down time.

To tackle this issue you can do one thing, in google pay there is an option to add multiple UPI IDs.

So whenever there will be any issue on primary UPI id it automatically routes your transaction through a different bank server which will ensure a successful payment.

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But what happens if your bank server down ?

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Just like you, I already have multiple UPI id registered with Gpay, but still face server related issues with SBI. Just as Sani and Manish mentioned, I don’t believe there are any advantages if the main bank server experiences downtime. Both of my brothers use GPay with Federal Account UPI, and they have never encountered any server issues. :fire::fire:

No matter which bank account you use with GPay, your UPI transaction will be processed by one of these four banks: SBI, HDFC, ICICI, and Axis. I have noticed that when you register for UPI with GPay, it is most of the time automatically linked to SBI UPI id. If there is an issue with SBI, your transaction may still fail.


That’s why NPCI launched UPI light :sweat_smile:

Not only problem with sbi , also pnb and icici also … Because 2 banks are govt :rofl: and icici have heavy traffic low maintenance :expressionless:

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Always matters, if you using PNB or SBI Bank account linked with Jupiter ( 3rd party UPI Axis) , if their is no problem with axis, then your payment maybe failed because of PNB or SBI bank server.

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The only thing I dont like about Gpay is UPI Id’s are not customisable.

Because they have huge user, and customize availablity too much difficult, so they auto create.