Home page shown when opening app during biometric unlock

All homepage details are visible when opening app, during biometric unlock. This is privacy concern. I don’t how it happened. But noticed recently.

Did not face this on an IOS device.

Before we classify this a user specific issue, let’s also wait for some other Android users to confirm.

Having said, please report this to the support team.

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Yeah it is True the homepage loads before the biometric prompt in order to increase the speed of app launch.


I have also encountered this issue several times before. However, the biometric unlock screen appears in the center of the display (in my device), so the details can hide beneath it. So, I did not consider it a significant issue for me and therefore did not report it.


This isn’t a bug.
It’s one way to load the home page faster.

I believe the home page is pre-cached here.

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Oh, something can be done? To hide transactions and UPI ID?

I hope this is the same thing mentioned under ‘coming soon’ feature. Now, the app is super fast :zap:


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Splash screen of Jupiter would be okay. I don’t need cached homepage just for the sake of opening app faster, non of the banking apps does that.

Please do something about this. I want Jupiter logo splach screen. Not the details.

@Bhoomika_Gowda do something about this, none other payment or banking app are doing this…