Seemingly minor things in the jupiter app design that really gets on my nerves as a Ui designer

First let me clarify that I love the jupiter app. It has one of the best design and the overall experience is really good. However, there are some small, very minor things in the app design that really makes me mad and I’d like to rant about them.

Firstly: The search bar in various tabs. Why are some search bars have rounded edges while some are rectangles?

Some example: the search bar in the bank transfer and electricity bill payment is rounded, which looks great. However, the search bar in the mobile recharge page is rectangler…why?

I know that this wouldn’t necessarily ruin anyones experience, but as the title says, this is simply a rant from me.

Secondly: Spacing. The are plenty of examples through the Ui where the spacing is inconsistentent. Such as:

Anything unimportant inconsistency that really annoys is the confusing use of the Help and FAQ icons. In the homepage, the Help icon is shown as headphone, while in almost all other places, the Help icon is shown as a chat bubble with a question mark inside (?). Similarly, in most of the Ui, the FAQ page is shown as an (i) icon, but in some places, it is shown as simply FAQ or some other icon. Again I’d like to ask WHY?

For now, that’s all. I hope jupiter will take notice of this post and fix some of these things I have mentioned here. Oh and I apologise for some blurry pictures attached. Since jupiter does not allow us to take screenshots, I had to use a different phone to take those pictures and some came out blurry.

Thank you very much for reading through my rant. Have a nice day/night.

Edit: Just noticed this one so thought I should add it.


Different sections of the app might be developed and designed by different teams or members of the teams.
Similarly the sections of app are revamped one at time, like the new money tab is introduced very recently, the payments tab was done a few months back and so on. So it adds to the minor inconsistencies within the design elements of the app as there is a mashup of old and new tabs.
As a whole the app looks fine, but if you try to find the inconsistencies surely they will stick out.


@axa I appreciate your post. From time to time I have also noticed these inconsistencies.

I was telling @Shawnpinto the other day… Jupiter to me feels like it’s always in a beta stage. But for me this is a love/hate relationship. One one side these design interfaces and features keep getting added/removed/improved and on other side it’s a constant improvement.

So on one side, I like the constant improvement and on the other hand I hate the constant bugs & interface changes. And the time between the tease and the actual public release is torture.

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I am not trying to find the inconsistencies, they just stuck out. it’s mainly the spacing. and I have also mentioned that these inconsistencies don’t really impact user experience all that much, however, I believe that if fixed, it might elevate it.


Couldn’t agree more.

and my relationship with the app is similar. it’s a love/hate relationship. for me, it’s one of the best looking app in general. I love the colours, the layout and the rest, and for this very reason, these small “issues” just stick out like a sore thumb.

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I also couldn’t agree more. :grinning: :+1:

Personally I am not able to believe that we have Neo Banks in India. The history hasn’t been great for tech apps, let alone bank apps.

But I consider it a blessing that we have a World Class bank app with Jupiter - a great user interface and great user experience.

Jupiter community is the icing on the cake.

The Monzo / Revolut / N26 of India. :smiley:

Thanks @JupiterTeam @Jiten :smiley:

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Definately! Jupiter is definitely a blessing to all of us. No product is perfect, it will always have something to improve upon, however, the best thing about jupiter is that they always listen and always deliver. It might take a bit of time but you can be sure that if something needs fixing, jupiter will fix it.


Hi @axa I am Aayush, a member of design team at Jupiter. Thanks for bringing these to our notice. There are surely misses from the team as we build more and more features. We are working on bringing consistency across Jupiter. We will be fixing the things you listed above on priority. Please share if you find any other such inconsistencies. Really appreciate the time you have put in this. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay! I can’t wait to see what amazing things you guys do in the future with the jupiter app! And I will make sure to provide feedback whenever I notice things like these! All the best guys and thank you very much once again for making banking so awesome :))