My initial impression - Worst

I’m an existing federal bank customer…today opened this “Jupiter” account…

Just gone through all the features…it didn’t took more than 5 minutes to realise that …
" it can’t be a primary bank account for anyone"…

Can’t activate Debit card

Can’t add UPI

Chat support just throws copy/Paste shit

App is Dead Slow ,Now where near to a bank grade app.

My suggestion is to add " Something went wrong" as your Tagline…

I have heard lot of negative Reviews especially about your Refund process…can’t risk money here…where as regular banks ,we can atleast reach out to a human through branch…

This doesn’t deserves to a primary bank account …

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Except for chat support, these issues appear to be mostly backend so maybe Federal Bank and Jupiter have to do some tag team.

No… federal bank UPI and debit card working fine…

Maybe you are correct. But during the initial days, Jupiter was pretty smooth and I faced no transactional issues, except international payments. But these issues were simply not present before. Started hearing about them over the period of this week only.
Currently, I am not using Jupiter but these look like really major issues.

Chill dude, give them some time. They are in their beta stage. If you know the product development cycle then you can understand them.

No founder or team builds a product bad intentionally, I’m sure they are working their ass off fixing all these issues and hiccups.

You can activate debit card.
You can add custom UPI with PhonePe.
They need to fix their chat, I agree with that.
App is really slow these days.

They have already added new team members as I can see to support and community. They will improve further I believe.

I would suggest using other UPI/payments app with their Federal Account as of now.


There’s a reason, Jupiter is giving early access to community member and the app is not available to everyone as of now. This means the app is in development and things are getting sorted out to make perfect product.

Joining an early access or beta launch is always voluntary, and nobody is asking you to do so.

So don’t be rude to the developers with your shit words. If you want a perfect product, you can wait till Jupiter releases the final product. And, if you join beta access, you are bound to face issues, and you have to report those to the team so that they get sorted out.

First of all keep ur f*kng advice with you and I have my right to express my views here…I wish idiots like you should understand that.

I know it’s in beta…but when primary banking functions are not available it’s of no use…

I don’t need anyone’s permission to join beta …

Guys- I request to maintain peace and not get in using any foul language in this forum. We are all professionals. Feedback well taken. We acknowledged the problem, Fixed it yesterday and working to ensure that it doesn’t arise. Hope that’s fine.

You are right. issues were this week only intermittently. Team is ensuring that such problems don’t recur

Your hearsay on refund process were not accurate. 1-2 customers always make more noise without understanding where is the root cause. Merchants had not refunded money but customers don’t understand that we don’t have access to anyone’s money. Money is being reflected in to customer account when we have sight of refunds. Hope that clarifies