My account is blocked

It’s not possible for me to perform any operation ( I tried withdraw money from Atm, I tried to set up Upi, I tried to transfer money to another account, my friend tried to transfer money to my account). Nothing worked. For some reason my account is blocked.

Someone from your services told me it is because the Kyc process was not complete. In my Jupiter app it shows as verified so I have no way of doing it again.

This leaves me with no access to my money!

Im getting no reply to any of my emails. I tried to call and they told me they were going to do something but nothing was done.
Can anyone help? Thank you

is the issue resolved op??

You would have received a ticket number when you first emailed them. Share that ticket number here and tag Shawn Pinto

No, this is not being resolved!
They just stopped answering my emails.
I cant perform any operation and access the money.
Thank you for your suggestion😃

Even the CS IVR says ATM services are down.
I think they are tweaking the system for activation of net banking. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Ana1 I believe a ticket ID must have been generated since you’ve connected with the support team through email. I’ll contact you on your DMs and we’ll look into this :email:

I’m trying to highlight a fraud that I unravelled on Jupiter.

They are siphoning off your money from savings account in small chunks without leaving any trail in transactions page. So, if you’re not tracking your balance accurately you’ll keep losing small small bits over a period of time. I noticed this and highlighted it.

I had to face mental agony and harrassment and after giving the threat of RBI Ombudsman, my issue was addressed. I immediately transferred all of my funds to different bank account and blocked my Jupiter debit card.

Attaching the conversation that ensued regarding this on the community