My debit card was blocked

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My debit card is still blocked by fedral bank authority.I already mailed to the bank and iam suffering here for withdrawal.They told me i have to contact with Cybersecurity team.I already contacted them but they are saying solve this issue with a bank.I don’t know what to do.In official website of cybercrime,I entered my number but there is no complaint on my registered number.Requesting you please solve this issue kindly.
Thank you

Hai @V_A_S_I_K_H_A_N Welcome to the community.
Is that a debit card block or account freeze? :thinking:
If it is a debit card block, have you used method like UPI for fund transfer/withdrawal?
If you are account is frozen, kindly go through the community threads on Account Freeze, where you will get necessary steps that need to be followed for unfreezing the account.

Hello sir :blush:

First of thank you for responding,Actually my account was frozen by the bank.Due to someone complained about illegal activity or transactions.Because that i mailed to the fedral bank ( They told me to contact with criminal complaint authorities.I contacted them after that but they told me to contact with a bank.Because they don’t have any complaint about my registered number. So after that i again try to mailed with a bank but no response from them.So please help me out of this because of that iam not able to withdraw my money.
Thank you :pray:t2:

Hai @V_A_S_I_K_H_A_N
could you please confirm whether the complaint is related with Jupiter account or fi account?
Am confused since you have mentioned fi’s mail (not federal bank’s) under your previous post.

Its showing on both accounts sir

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@V_A_S_I_K_H_A_N Since Federal Bank is the banking partner for both Jupiter and Fi, both your accounts may be blocked. Some of the other community members have also reported the same earlier.

I think you need to sort it out in both Neo Banks.

Please go through the community posts on account freeze and you’ll be able to take further action. Keep your patience - it’s going to be a long road.