Unable To Make Transactions

My account was frozen for Credit transactions for reasons not told to me, but I was allowed to make debit transactions.

It’s been more than 2 weeks, I’m not able to make even debit transactions now. All my payments are at hault, and nobody from Jupiter or Federal Bank is taking responsibility.

Jupiter said they cannot do anything and gave me a way out by using FedNet net banking services but that also does not work.

Nobody even answers why the account was frozen at first place.

I need to make very urgent payments. Kindly help at the earliest or I’ll be compelled to write to RBI.

@Anast send email to the cyber care team. They will be able to confirm the exact reason for the account getting frozen. If it has been frozen based on a directive received from a law enforcement agency, prepare for a long haul.

I’ve written numerous mails to the team but nobody replies or lifts a call on helpline number.

Is there way for account closure and transferring the remaining money in an alternative account?

@Anast I’d recommend you to mail your issue over the mail id mentioned here on this page,

Under assistance