Bug in Pots balance

There is bug in pots balance.

Because i have invested 4100 in pots and superpots but balance showing me 31000

Has to be user-specific :+1:. Because there is no issue for me as it is showing the correct balance.
Suggest you try withdrawing of the extra amount :rofl: :rofl:

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Yes, i will if it is not fixed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

withdraw money and transfer to another account :slight_smile:

Also sometimes 2 pots showing as 1 pot

Again, seems to be user specific. The pot balance is showing the correct balance for me.

It is possible that the bug was caused by this upgrade.

We're trying to improve out Pots feature and take it to the next level. The pots & insights team will be hosting a survey/poll today/this week and try to understand user behaviour.


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They haven’t even collected any insight as yet.

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It will not happen, when you try to withdraw that extra amount it will show ‘insufficient balance’.

what if that was possible!! :joy: @Satyajit_Singh will be like :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_flying:

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Seems to be a hide-and-seek bug.
Sometimes looking good and Sometimes this bug of 31000.

That ain’t good. For sure.

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How to reproduce the bug ?

  • Anyone having balance in both Pots and Gold will see this bug.

  • Goto money tab and check if it seems ok or not with pots balance.

  • If the pot balance looks fine, then refresh until the gold balance changes, and you can see this error.

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Fortunately, I did not have any balance in Gold as I have yet to start investing. Nevertheless, it is a good observation, and I hope that the concerned team will take care of this bug and resolve it asap. :+1:

@Satyajit_Singh You are, no doubt, an expert bug hunter. I followed your steps and also see the difference in the balance. Kudos on the eye for detail!!

Thanks @yagnesh01 for reproduce this.

Bdw what the difference you see in your account

I Cannot reproduce the bug. I have pots, super pots and gold as well

On the money page, the gold pot balance is not included. When I enter the pots page, the balance at the top of the screen includes the gold pot balance.

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Is everyone on app version 2.0.20?

Correction- received an update. Current app version is 2.0.20. The difference remains. And it is exactly the gold pot value