Bug in SuperPot

When clicked on Secure PRO Status on Pro tab, showing Available Balance: ₹0 and it is showing everytime when application open freshly.

Steps to reproduce the Bug-

  1. Click on Pro tab
  2. click on Secure Pro status
  3. create a SuperPot

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Good catch! @Satyajit_Singh :exploding_head:
We’ll have a look at this and try to reproduce the same steps.
If successful, we’ll let you know!

Thanks for raising this friend.


Hey @Shawnpinto
Have you reproduce the bug?

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Yes, we have!
This is a pots issue, not PRO.

This will be fixed in the next week’s app release. This is in 2 weeks approx.
Since this is an actual bug, we’d like to thank you for showing this to us with a :gift:

Keep up the bug hunting, Satyajit.


Yes this bug has been introduced with 2.0.15 update
Till 2.0.14 it was working fine.
I got the update today so I have seen this issue.

No, i find this bug on App Version 2.0.14

Could be different for android/ios


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