Interest received on Pots not showing

The interest amount of ₹24 is not showing in the pot balance, but this is showing in the Total Savings.

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Is there any pot named Interest++?
For me, a banner appears regarding interest credit just above the active pots and when clicked, it takes me to the interest++ pot.

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I just got 55 rupees as interest. How much interest do they offer? Do you have any idea?

Not showing in my case

Upto 6.8% p.a. and it depends on the period of investment.

But 6.8% is on super pot right? Not on the money i am having in my bank account?


okay thanks broski

Yes…interest gets credited with an automatically created pot named Interest++ :slightly_smiling_face:

For me it didn’t get added to the pot, it got added to my bank balance.

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Was that the interest for your bank balance bro?I am saying about my pot balance interest which gets credited like this :melting_face:

I really don’t know. Because i have created a superpot to be a pro member. I did not receive interest for it in any interest pot.

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No, i am not telling about interest received on the savings account.
It’s interest received on pots balance that is not showing.

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Dont know much about this bro :face_with_spiral_eyes:


@Satyajit_Singh this could be bug affecting the overall balance display in the Pots screen. Suggest you report this to the support team as well.

Same as saving account.

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Now, the Interest++ pot is showing

That was a sureshot interest credit creating an Interest++ pot which made an inconsistency in pots balance :blush:

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I guess you should see the interest amount in the superpot itself. When you open the superpot, you will be able to see interest credited in Green Text along with the interest rate beside the amount.