Creating a Pot - It's way cooler now 😎

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve added few animations when you create your Pot. We’ve also added one liners under the Pot options :grinning:

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Unless extra interest rate is added like fi…it’s not so useful!


A suggestion- the app would surely recognise the make of the OS - iOS, Android etc
On iOS phones, pots is not enabled or active, please do not display.
It’s been a long time at ios users are waiting for the full kyc, pots etc to be enabled.
Request the team to prioritise….

Yes, why to park money in POTS when you don’t have better interest rates? Only push money to Jupiter for day to day scan/ pay and let rest of the money sits in traditional bank FD. Even some of the bank’s saving account gives 4% interest …. like Kotak 811. Jupiter need to pull up the socks!! Fi is doing better….

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Me did receive rs.1 interest in my potttt…happie fella…even rs.1 counts…