A Savings Pot for those who don't want to get an interest on their money

There should be Savings Pot for those who don’t want to get the interest on their savings.

It is not permissible for Muslims to consume any kind of interest money. Being a Muslim myself I don’t have an option to save money on the Jupiter savings pot as every pot gives some intrest on the money you save.

So I request a feature, a pot for savings with no interest on your savings.

Being a Software developer I appreciate how well the app is built and I don’t think this new feature won’t take much time to implement.


Or at least a preview could be shown with exact amount of interest earned. The interest received can be definitely be given to charity/donations.

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I’m curious. How you then deal with interest earned on amount in savings account?

I don’t have a savings account, I use a current account which will not give any interest.

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And what about investments & financial planning? Options will be very limited there I guess… land n gold, etc :thinking:

Yes, real-estate or metals like you said gold.

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Why don’t you donate whatever interest you get?

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And if you don’t want interest and you are already using current account then why you need to come to Jupiter. Why didn’t you find out that Jupiter account also gets interest before coming here and demanding pots without interest. Seeing your intelligence, I don’t think you are a software engineer. Pots are made for saving and interest only. Kamaal karte ho yaar. Shreeman ji kahan se aaye ho aap.

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Here also all these started? Soon demand will be for halal Bank


Just donate the excess money. Simple, isn’t?


He just needs a type of pot where he could save money and not get an interest on it… Like a piggybank…

Like jupiter adding the new ‘super pot’ feature with a flexible interest… He was demanding for additional feature ‘pots without interest’…
Would be useful if he was planning to pay for cc bills, goin for tour etc…

It is just part of their religion bro… Even if jupiter adds his demanded feature, i dont think any of the current users would be affected… You dont have to worry about it :man_shrugging:

Ps: if more users boards jupiter because of this small change then, its good for jupiter too :sweat_smile:.
I would like more people to access upi and bank accounts so that i dont have to carry wallets anymore :partying_face:( I have seen whenever i am visiting certain shops of the above religion, they dont have a upi to pay :woozy_face:)

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I am definitely agree with you. I got to know that it’s right, interest is not consumable in Islam. I found that they use ‘Riva Free’ bank accounts. Interest free loan is provided to them by some Islamic financial institutions.

@HADI_M_SHAMSUDEEN We haven’t scoped for such a feature yet. That is, not being able to revive interest. :blob_think:

Currently, it’s part of the system and it would be hard to “not” receive it.
Maybe put it in a pot for future savings? Would be handy.