Save money as friends in pot for vacation

So here is a suggestion , now there isn’t any pot where people can save money together as friends for a vacation or outing .

Feature : save money together in a pot through Jupiter

Problem it solves :

So, currently we don’t have any apps or features to save money together for a purpose , trip , function or even to buy something together .

Pro :

  • all 3 get a interest for keeping it in Jupiter pot
  • if one wasn’t a to withdraw some money or to end the pot the other 2 or others In the group has to approve it as they all are in this together .
  • easy maintenance and we get a competitive feel of who saves more .

Cons :

  • we need to validate the idea
  • not sure on how the interest works here for each and as a whole

How to implement it ?

Just like having a pot for other purposes . Have a pot option to save together and post clicking that have an invite option to invite friends to save money through Jupiter pot and they join here and just boom all can start saving money


Interesting one. But waiting for others’ permission to withdraw one’s own money doesn’t feel good. So, a suggestion is that,

  • Everyone should have the permission to withdraw their share from the pot without anyone’s permission at any time.
  • Only the person who created the pot can rename or destroy it.
  • When it is destroyed, everyone’s shares are deposited into their own accounts.
  • In the case of interest, people receive interest on their share in that pot

Yea works . The idea to ask permission was a personal choice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Like we a gang of 4 are planning a trip to Philippines :philippines: now for 3-4 years and everytime we save money we don’t save fully . Someone will spend in bulk . So if we had this feature of approval among friends or a group . We won’t allow the others to spend and we can make our trip happen . It wasn’t user perspective it was personal perspective xd :joy::joy: