Pot balance and main balance syncing issues

Yesterday I just deposited money in a pot I took so much time and it wasn’t reflecting in pots so I destroyed the pot but my money was deducted and I i wasn’t able to access it
When I open pot section on app
It shows that "We noticed an external transaction using your pots account which result in inconsistency in balance "
What should I do now
Plz the money is stuck in pot balance and there is no pot there :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:


I think in this case you must ask for help through chat.

click here to go to the help page.
And type out your issue in the chat, they can process your struck transaction.


Thank you very much for your help
I asked them to help
They created a ticket regarding the issue and said to wait.


This is Samarth, the PM working on Pots. Sorry to know about your bad experience. Can I speak with you to know the issue better and improve the experience here?

Thank you

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