Pots and gold bonds

I want to save money but I don’t have knowledge on investing in gold bonds in jupiter. How is it different from pots


Investing in gold in Jupiter means you are investing in digital gold . Jupiter partners with MMTC PAMP for this feature.

In pots you are depositing in FD or just using it as a piggybank, you will be getting fixed interests according to the category.

In digital gold , you will be investing on 24K gold, so your profit or loss is decided according to the price of gold. On buying digital gold you will be paying 3% gst.

Digital gold: no interest, returns not fixed.
Pots and FD: interest, returns are fixed.

I am not so pro in this so I hope someone else in the community can explain better than this. :slightly_smiling_face:



Hai @Sai_Teja1
I am little confused whether its a typo or not (Gold pot or gold bond).
If you are looking for gold bonds, you can get details here: :+1:t2:

At present, Jupiter only provides option for buying and selling of Digital gold via Gold pots.

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