Have you been investing into gold lately?

Hey guys,

Which gold investment option is better?

  • Bar & Coin / Gold Jewellery
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds
  • Digital Gold
  • Gold ETFs

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Personally, I’ve tried Digital gold. Seems quick and easy.

Questions to those who invest in Digital gold.

  1. How much do you actually invest at first?
  2. How does one know when you should withdraw the amount?
  3. Why do some people convert it into physical form?

Assuming someone just entered into this space ^
Let me know in the comments below :slight_smile:

If you’re new into this space, here’s a quick read - Best Way to Invest in Gold | Gold ETF | Buying Gold | Jupiter

Thanks for your support in this community and the blogs which are really informative and helpful. Sharing my 2 cents in preference order:

  1. Sovereign Gold Bonds:

    • PROS
      Government securities
      Additional yearly interest rate, depending on tranche
      LTCG after 3 years(No capital gains tax after maturity)
      Discount per gram during offering(online)

    • CONS
      Liquidity in secondary market
      Long term investment - minimum 5 to maximum 8 years

  2. Gold ETF

    • PROS
      Low costs

    • CONS
      Needs DMAT account

  3. Gold MF

    • PROS
      Portfolio diversification in various companies

    • CONS
      Expense ratio

  4. Physical Gold

    • PROS
      Buy during discounts from registered companies BRPL, MMTC etc.
      Can use them to make physical ornaments if needed

    • CONS
      Only in denomination of grams
      Easier to access

  5. Digital Gold

    • PROS
      Ease of access with just KYC
      Can convert to physical gold
      utilise offers

    • CONS
      GST while buying and selling
      Locker and maintenance charges
      Difference in sell and buy price

  6. Jewellery items

    • PROS
      Direct use

    • CONS
      Making and wastage charges

Just my thoughts and possibly repetitive :slight_smile: Please do correct if something is missing or incorrect. Thanks


Thanks @Mani !

This will surely help for deciding which one to go for.
Oh and If you’re investing in gold, can you let us know which one and how long have you been using it for?

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Sure , I am new to investing in gold. Have invested primarily in SGB(since 2020), digital gold(mostly short term) and physical gold(during offers). Haven’t invested in Gold ETFs but would like to know if anyone has. Also believe the precious metals are insurance as much as investment, also physical silver and platinum.

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And for the questions in your post :slight_smile:

  1. How much do you actually invest at first?

    • Few grams until you observe the returns and also spread across tranches for SGBs
  2. How does one know when you should withdraw the amount?

    • Haven’t withdrawn from SGB so not sure
  3. Why do some people convert it into physical form?

    • Probably personal uses but haven’t done that till now

You know a lot despite you just entered into investing!
And thanks for answering the questions. Really appreciated :slight_smile:

I see, it’s like we invest bit by bit and then wait for the right moment and then we withdraw/convert?


Wonderfully explained… thanks a lot.

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Thanks but it is mostly information and not experience. Yes I think you are right that we have to find the right moment but actually have never withdrawn from any investment so not really sure what is the right time

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Just saw the Trello board and looks like there would be a feature to convert Jewels into Digital Gold soon, wanted to know if there would be other investment/redeeming options available in the future?
I am personally not a fan of Gold and it is a similar case for most Gen Z folks…


Ah! Good find.
That’s right, soon we’ll be able to turn jewels into digital gold.
There goes my surprise :sweat_smile:

Yes, there will be more investment options in the future.


I’ll be interested in investment options - Gold, mutual funds, FD et. al. Please bring it in Jupiter ASAP. Thanks.

Niyo has this Niyo wealth after acquiring Goalwise last year. I suppose Niyo is the only Neo bank with mutual fund investment options.

Fi money has Fixed Deposits.

I am looking forward to Jupiter having investment options. Converting Jewels to Gold is a nifty idea. (No pun intended).

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If in case, by investing, Jupiter is also trying to foray into mutual funds or ETF, a possible shift from digital gold to gold ETFs for converting Jewels in the near future would be really appreciated