What is really a good time to buy Gold?

I’ve been tracking it since 2016 (~30k levels) recently breached 50k! Have not been able to make a buying decision yet (Too overvalued or still a good time?). Thoughts?

A very interesting articles which definitely tells me one thing that Sovereign Gold Bonds are better amongst securities that invest in Gold as an underlying.


It has always been on the rise as you said @sneh.baxi

Gold is used by Dalio to everyone for hedging right? So maybe 3-8% portfolio should be gold. I used to accumulate via Gold Savings Plan by Paytm, but now recently shifted to Gold ETFs as they are much more efficient.


I think gold is the safest bet out there , as it has some real value.
Its easy to liquidate. It gives good returns. Did i say its a safe bet ?

If you buy in physical form then you can also make badass jewellery out of it.
You cant wear your FDs around your neck. :slight_smile:

Also i consider investments like gold , real-estate to be a long term game. And in long term they always give good returns.

Jewellery, I just imagined how it looks against a money garland (vivid imaginations :stuck_out_tongue: )

But are you or anyone here buying Sovereign Gold Bonds in this tranche, applications close this friday right?

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My stock manager says Gold is like insurance, it’s not an investment as we Indians like to keep it with us rather than trading it away


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