Are gold schemes by jewellers worth it?

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In this scheme, one can deposit a monthly sum which can be later utilised to purchase the gold jewellery at a subsidized rate. For me, gold holds a lot of social value and is more than an investment but I’ve heard that jewellers use these Ponzi schemes to sell gold of lower quality. Has anyone here invested in such scheme? How has your experience been?

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Yeah and etf is the most liquid and easiest and best way to invest in gold.

^^ according to my experience. I have tried to buy gold via phone pe and Paytm, the spread is too much.

Heard about this scheme from Tata Tanishq where you contribute for 11 months and they pitch in for the 12th installment. In turn I can buy at the end of 12 months by paying only for 11 months.

Heard of a lot of people saving money like this - is there anybody here who uses this?

I had used the Tanishq Golden Harvest Plan 5-6 years back. But mind you it wasn’t for investing or savings purposes, specifically for Jewellery purchases for my mom.

That time around if I remember correctly, I used to pay 11 instalments and the 12th instalment was paid by Tanishq and you could go ahead and buy jewellery of your choice.

Seems, like the plan is changed right now, do have a look and decide for yourself:

Some others, I hadn’t considered back then:

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