Wanted an help!

Hi guys,

If any one is using Jar ( gold savings app), can you share experience about it.

Is Jupiter is good or Jar with respect to discipline in saving

@Ajieethdesign You can check out Gullak as well. They have an interesting concept of lending your gold to jewellers for an extra earnings of 5% yearly.

Can find more info here regarding gold leasing :+1:t2:

Jupiter also has an article on this. But Gullak is not in it.

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I think you can’t beat Jar for inculcating the savings habit.

It has the spending round off saving feature that Jupiter lacks.

Jupiter too trying to introduce such a feature soon…
Currently, it is under testing :cool_doge:

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@razack I saw that. But one lesson I’ve learned in saving/investing is don’t wait for making the investment.

There have been multiple instances where I waited for the share market to come down and then it went up and my saved money was either spent (wasted) or the value of my bought mutual fund was lower. :face_exhaling:

So for me today is the best day to invest. :smile:

Yes, but I need to understand how it works,

Waiting for the clarity once I understand, I will be doing it

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