Digital Gold Price

Currently digital gold investing is picking up and multiple players are involved including PAYTM, PHONEPE, Jupiter, Gullak etc.

I observe the digital gold price in NAVI’s app to be lower than other Jupiter’s. Gold pieces are lower by 2.25%

I also observe it’s not issued by MMTC but by AUGMONT.

Can Jupiter also come up with a strategy to offer gold at such prices? Else what else could be an attraction point to invest in Jupiter 's digital gold?



Thanks for the suggestion @vijay.balaji sir. I got it checked :+1:
In real sense, the price on Jupiter and Navi is same (6.21/mg),
But since Navi is offering 2.25% off (may be some sort of short term promotional offer), as said by you, it appears cheaper. :+1:

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Yes gold price is same all over India, but their offer price and making changes maybe defence

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If you’re referring to the physical gold prices then just to clarify, physical gold prices vary from place to place.