Why selling price of jupiter gold is lower than what is being displayed as invested value?

It is understandable that we buy the digital gold with 3%gst. So there is variation in buying it. But why do the value decreases when we sell. For example if you buy 1G digi gold in jupiter for 6000 rupees with 3% gst (total u spent is 6180) the value invested is 6000rupees for 1 gram gold.
Let’s say after 1 year now the app shows that ur invested value rouse up to 8000 but when you want sell. The value of ur investment will not be what they show (8000) rather it will be lower than that. Like 2-3% less.

Why is it so? Could anyone explain why we are paying 2-3% again?? Why can’t we get the actual value displayed??
In my case - my invested value is showing as 60, 363.28 (which i bought after paying 3% gst) but if i want to sell it now, it only shows that i will receive 58,283.78 rupees.

So, my question is where is the remaining 2079.50??? Looks like am loosing again some money… So what’s the use of jupiter digi gold purchase?? Looks like a gimmick to me.

What makes digi gold better if we r stil loosing money. Iam thinking buying gold coins and saving at home looks more profitable…

Any enlightenment is much appreciated…

If am not wrong, you have to pay 3% GST and other charges/fees while selling Digital Gold also.
Can find more details here:

Jupiter or any digital gold app will show the current value of the gold you have based on buying price, which indicates if you were to buy equivalent amount of gold today then this is the price you would have to pay (GST excluded).
The selling price and the value after the sales will differ because of spread.

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