Send Money To Mobile Numbers Via UPI

Good evening, Team Jupiter.

I have only one request to you people that, please add “SEND MONEY TO MOBILE NUMBERS VIA UPI” on the Jupiter app.

In my opinion, this is the feature that the Jupiter app really lacks, while the other UPI apps such as “PHONEPE, GOOGLE PAY, AND PAYTM” offer the feature. The feature must be added on the Jupiter app!!!

At the end, I would say, without the “SEND MONEY TO MOBILE NUMBERS VIA UPI” the application, is incomplete! Therefore I would request you people to add the feature and roll-out in the upcoming Jupiter app update on the Google Play Store.

Thank you.

Mohd Niyaz

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Hey, So actually pay to phone number is actually for users already on google pay/paytm or whatever with their phones linked.

In this case you should use the respective app to do the transaction if you want to pay to other phone numbers since Jupiter cant find UPI ids just from a phone number.

No, um Jupiter cant roll-out a feature like this. This “Pay to a phone number” is available on wallets like Gpay, PayTM is for the existing users. Try paying to a phone number not on Gpay/PayTM etc. It will tell you that they couldn’t find the number or tell you to invite the person.

But yes it would be better if we can transfer payments to other Jupiter accounts like on other banks.

Currently you can only use FedMobile to see your statement for both your pots account and your main Jupiter account.

Your pots account number along with the IFSC also be found in your profile tab. Also I dont know what you are on about but FedMobile also doesn’t support pay to phone number.

No. You cant do transactions on FedMobile with your Jupiter Account.

Please answer to my questions:

  1. What if Jupiter gets closed, will I have Federal Bank account after that or not.

  2. Will the tie-up break between Federal Bank and Jupiter, if the Jupiter gets the RBI license?

  3. Can I consider this 100% digital bank for the life time?

  4. Could you please recommend me any other digital bank where I should open a zero balance savings account?

  5. Please also tell me how is the Kotak Mahindra zero balance account?

Thank you, I will wait for your respond as I really do not want to be confused between the Jupiter and the Federal Bank!!

I dont think you will lose money when jupiter closes down… Money is safe with federal bank… And also ur money is insured upto 5lakhs…

I dont think jupiter is working for normal licence or anything… They will stay as neobanks… (Neobanks must have a partner bank)

Kotak 811 is a good one but has annual charges of 199rs for debit cards…

I think admins will explain more…