Onboarding from Fi Money and change mobile no?


I want to onboard to Jupiter from Fi money. How can I do it ?

I wanted to change the mobile no registered with federal bank. I also have credit card. Fi told me I can’t change my mobile no bcz I am using credit card. But RBI rules says otherwise. I don’t have any loan or anything.

So is it possible ? Both of mobile number is working. I don’t have any federal bank branch nearby either.

Let me know how can this be achieved.


Not possible to switch from Fi to Jupiter.

You have to open a new account with Jupiter.

Weird. This thread shows it can be done.

The above post means that if you’re an existing federal bank or a fi customer, you can also open a jupiter account.

I assume this post is old and at that time existing federal customer unable to open jupiter account.

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I am an existing Fi money/federal bank customer.

So doesn’t this mean I will be able to open a new account in Jupiter?

Or I can use same federal bank account through jupiter?

I don’t want to use Fi anymore.

You ideally should be able to open an account with Jupiter. The registered mobile number will be the number linked to your Aadhar card.

I tried on iPhone ios 17. With the same number of Fi money. The app can not go pass PAN verification. After pressing enter it asks again in loop.

In other words it doesn’t work.

Suggest you drop an email to support@jupiter.money. Include a video of the steps you are taking and where you get stuck. This will ensure a ticket is assigned to your issue and there is enough information available to help you.

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Thanks. I finally onboarded. But I couldn’t do it with new number. I could only do it with my old number. But now I can change my number after 30 days.

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