Is it possible to open a Fi account when you already have a Jupiter account?

Is it possible to do so? If not, how can I migrate to Fi?
I see several discussions on the internet but many are conflicting and some are even outdated.

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I believe there’s no problem with simultaneously opening both Fi and Jupiter. In fact, I had accounts with both, but I recently closed my Fi account.

Btw, Why you need to migrate to Fi from Jupiter?

I’m trying out both the banks to find out which one suits me the most. Why did you close the Fi account?

You can open more accounts via one KYC, all accounts are in deferent varient… But all accounts linked with one federal Bank customer ID… You can open Jupiter, fi , ind money federal, federal regular savings, salary, current, PMJDY one also

I have 4 account with federal Bank

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@Shamil_Sherhan I previously held various neo bank accounts such as NiyoX (Equitas), Omnicard, and more. However, I’ve closed all of them except for Jupiter because I no longer use those services.
When comparing Fi and Jupiter, I find Jupiter to be more user-friendly in my experience. Additionally, the Jupiter community significantly influenced my decision to stick with Jupiter.