Create a 2nd Jupiter account

I already have a Jupiter account with another number and i just casually trying if i can open another account with same details , so i tried with my another number and after giving pan number account opening sill in progress even it redirect to federal bank EKYC page :hushed: , but i donโ€™t continue after that because I donโ€™t want another account and itโ€™s not a aadhar linked number so in further step video verification step will fail.

Anyone have two accounts on Jupiter(if possible)?



1 account is enough :slightly_smiling_face:

Never possible :joy: u canโ€™t open same varient account in Bank by useing same kyc documents.

My aunt already have 3 account in same bank , also in same branch.
1 current account,2 savings account.

Bandhan Bank.

Not same varient , theyโ€™re definitely different varient. I have also have 2 accounts in federal bank ( Jupiter & fi) , 3 account in pnb ( 1 zero balance account, 1 regular savings account, current account) . But if u trying to same varient itโ€™s not possible , like 2 accounts in Jupiter with same documents.

Branch can do anything. Online there is restriction!..

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I have been trying to open a Fi acc from last e yrs but cannot.
I already have a jupiter acc.
Will i not b able to use the same mobile no. And mail id for opeking a fi acc!?

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Yes! Definitely. I have 4 federal Bank account with same mobile and email ID. ( fi , Jupiter, ind money, federal current account.

I recommend you to please try with deferent email ID, because fi money wants from you Gmail access or login via Gmail, they can read your all emails details.

So you are recommended try with deferent email, but you can go through with same mobile number and device also.

What happens when you try to change phone no ? I had an existing federal bank a/c. Jupiter creates a new a/c. Old a/c also showing under manage โ†’ Account. And I can set that as primary. But if I change mobile no which a/c will be affected ?

No itโ€™s not affected, because you have only one kyc or customer IDโ€ฆ In every bank same system.
One customer ID you can control all relevant services credit card, fd, salary account, current account, etc .

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