Oops, looks like this number is already linked to another jupiter account-Mobile number change issue

When I try to change my mobile number from the app, it shows the error “Oops, looks like this number is already linked to another Jupiter account”. How to solve this issue.

Hai @Rajinikanth_H_C
Are you certain that neither you nor any family member used that number to create a Jupiter account? Please double-check.
If not, you can mail this issue to support@jupiter.money or use the chat option on the app for a quicker response.

Furthermore, you can contact @Nikhil_Godbole

Faced the same issue, I used my primary number to first open an account but was unable to open a federal Bank account then. I forgot about it and a few months later I tried to open an account again with a different number and it worked, but when I tried to change my number it said an account already exists with this number. Tried calling the customer care and they said there is no option to change now if a Jupiter account already exists with that number.