Account creation failing, says Mobile number update initiated

Hi, I’ve been trying to create a Jupiter account for the past few days.
When I add my mobile number, it says Mobile number update initiated. And I cannot move forward from here.
I got in touch with customer support and after a few discussions, they got to know the issue.

The phone number I used for onboarding was associated with a different customer’s account in their system. And due to company policy, they’re unable to delete or modify this data from their database.

I recently got a new phone number and linked it with my Aadhaar & PAN. I also have a federal account with this new number. But I cannot for some reason create a Jupiter account because some X customer had used my new number previously.

Now I cannot onboard Jupiter because of the said issue. The customer support says I can onboard if I get a new sim and gets it linked to my Aadhaar/PAN and that’s a long, hectic process which I do not want to go through.

Please allow users to create an account with any number as long as it’s linked with their Aadhar and PAN.
Follow the same while they change their number.

This is a very lame issue and we should fix it.
Any help is welcome.


Maybe it’s not possible, because someone already linked a account using your number in past. And Jupiter account can be used by the number only.

If they remove the number he/she can’t access the account.

You can go for another bank account.
Or wait till Jupiter update their policy. ( If they allow in future)

We are sorry to say, we can’t help.

Still you can request @Jiten @Shawnpinto

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