Mobile number binding issue

I have a request to the Jupiter team.I have already made this request before from their help section but the problem is not resolved. Now the problem is that the mobile number I am using is in jupiter is my mother’s number.I joined jupiter in May 2022 since then I am using jupiter on my mother’s number but now I have to return my mother’s number. Now the thing is that I want to transfer my jupiter account to this number which I am currently using. Previous year I have logged in Jupiter with my current number casually but I have not opened any account when I have logged into jupiter with this number before.
So whenever i try to change my number it shows’ this number is already linked with another account’. A few days ago when I contacted the support team finally after much discussion they replied me that this number is binding with their server so they can’t help me.Now I request them to look into this device binding issue.Then I can change my mobile number. Otherwise maybe i have to close my account.


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For some days there is a lot of discussion in the community about ‘debit card’ charges,It has nothing to do with my mobile number change but I am saying, how connected I am with jupiter.I have a fixed deposit of 50k, a super pot of 5k, around 2-3k in normal account, I have an autopay in Disney plus hotstar subscription with debit card, NACH mandate in groww. About 2000-3000 is spent every month on Flipkart, fuel transaction.It adds a little bit to your business. I also don’t want to close this jupiter account.So my request is please help in any way in this mobile number change issue, otherwise I may have to close my account because sim is in my mother’s phone so problem to get OTP, can’t do upi transaction.

And i know that if i have an investment account with jupiter ( including fd) i can’t change mobile number.
But previously when i requested then I don’t have any investment like fd.

If they unbind my current number then I’ll break fd , change my number then again I’ll book fd.
And I’ll send contact details in DM of their executive.

Have you raised a ticket for the same?
@Shawnpinto might help you with this.

We’ve picked this up. :blob_thanks:
The team has connected with Surojit through DMs.

It’s being looked into :mag:

Problem not solved but thanks for picking up this request.

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