Mobile number change or close Jupiter account

I am trying to change mobile number for past 6 months, now I come to know it is impossible.

I want to close my Jupiter account, how to close my Jupiter account?

I can’t use the registered number anymore.

You can send a closure request to

I Kindly suggest you to edit the previous post since it contains personal information.

Have you contacted Shawn here with the details regarding mobile number change issue?

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Yes I contacted no update.

@Hemnath_M please share the ticket number along with the responses received from the support team with @Shawnpinto via DM. He will get you connected with the right team.

Ticket ID-(1951125).

@Shawnpinto request your help on this one.

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Thanks for letting me know @yagnesh01
@Hemnath_M The team would get this checked and connect with you.


If phone number can’t be changed is there any alternate why for login?

Like with email?

@Hemnath_M Unfortunately, at present there is no other option like login via email. You need mobile number to verify your account details, if you are logging in after installing the app (or after clearing the app data).


Account closure request can only be made on chat in the app. They do not accept account closure request through any other means.

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I think you can change the mobile number because a customer care said that to me while I was discussing the nominee change issue.

What to do if phone changed in federal bank but not in Jupiter app?

Ideally that shouldn’t be done. There is very little information available on the reverse integration and exchange of information. To get this issue resolved, you will have to work very closely with Jupiter support (May be via emails)

In my case phone number can’t be changed?

I can’t use registered number with Jupiter.

That is indeed a very tricky situation. Shawn shared your issue with the concerned team 2 days ago. Have you received a response from that team?

I got no response.

Is Federal Bank account linked Mobile number can’t be update by any branch ? Or federal atm ?

Can we request for account closure by any branch of Federal Bank ?

Sani, as of now the only information available is to get In touch with Jupiter support for any account related activities including closure. Will Federal Bank entertain any of these requests is unknown.

On talking anything about Jupiter account with Federal Bank, Federal Bank replies that contact Jupiter, they do not have access to any information related to Jupiter account. I did not talk to Federal Bank branch regarding change of mobile number and account closure as there is no branch of Federal Bank in my area.

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