Mobile phone number update pe

Hi team I have updated my mobile number still my app is not opening. Please help my email id is new number my FI account is also not opening because of this.

Hai @Jaideep
Since you have shared the ticket id in another thread, someone from the team will assist you in getting this resolved.
Suggest you edit the post and remove personal details like mobile number and email id. Share those only in DM with the concerned team members

Sure Abdul

@Nikhil_Godbole request your help to have some from the team look at ticket number 2866737 which has been raised by @Jaideep

He shared it in a thread which has been marked as resolved.

@yagnesh01 @Jaideep Social media team is on it. They will update

@Nikhil_Godbole @yagnesh01 @razack Thanks for acknowledging my issue because of this my I am not able to use jupiter and other fedral bank services.

Hello Jaideep,

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. Connecting with you via DM to have this addressed for you.Thank you.

@yagnesh01 @razack @Nikhil_Godbole @Bhoomika_Gowda Thanks for connecting me on DM my entirely banking is dependent on fedral bank please try to solve this issue as soon as possible.

@Nikhil_Godbole atleast reply sir that team is working on your issue you have to wait for so and so date. Your issue will be resolved.

Hi Jaideep. We tried connecting with you over a call, however, we could not establish a contact. Please be assured that we are actively addressing your case and will contact you shortly with a concrete update.

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@Devjyoti_Choubey Thanks mam for acknowledging my issue, I will waiting for the resolution to be delivered. My business and personal banking relies on fedral server.

My biggest mistake of 2023 would be change of contact number on jupiter app😕

Hi, Jupiter team @Nikhil_Godbole @yagnesh01 I wanted to change my registered mobile number since it has been deactivated by the service provider.
But as I cannot receive any sms through that number I do not have to acess to any opt while logging into jupiter account.
Is there any other way to login because i have to do some payments but due to this issues i cannot use my account.
please reply as soon as possible.
thanks & regards,

@Shivanshu_shukla Currently there is no option to change to a new mobile number if the old number is not active.

If you have a debit card, you can visit a nearest ATM and do the needful. If you have a cheque book, you can issue a cheque and withdraw the amount accordingly.

Let us know if you don’t have either of the above and I’ll get the team to help you with the next steps.


I have debit card but what to do if I have to do some online payment, without login I cannot do that.

@Shivanshu_shukla You can use your debit card for all online payments provided you have activated the online payment option in the app when you had access to it.

Only for UPI, you will need to login via the App.

Alternatively, you can also link your account (Federal) with any of the other 3rd party payment apps in the market and make the UPI payment.

Ya I mean I have to do UPI payments. Can you guys provide some alternate options to get otp through registered mail or whatsapp that would be very very helpful, not for me but also for anyone who is facing same issue. If yes please let me know its very urgent.

@Shivanshu_shukla I don’t think anyone in the industry has OTP as an option for UPI as the core element of UPI was to ensure that the SIm binding is in place to make a payment.

My earlier option of UPI will also not work if you have lost access to the old number which was associated with you federal account as you will not be able to link it to any other app as it will require OTP

I think there is some misunderstanding form your side, I was actually asking alternate options to login into the jupiter app and also for changing the number, that will be easy if sms option is not available.

@Shivanshu_shukla Sorry. There is no alternate way to login to the App if you don’t have access to the registered mobile number.

In future can you guys apply that feature.