Issue with Changing Phone Number on Jupiter App

I am writing to bring to your attention an issue I am currently facing with changing my phone number on the Jupiter app.

When attempting to update my phone number, the app indicates that my desired number is already associated with another account. I suspect this may be the same number I tried to use when initially creating my account. Unfortunately, at that time, I encountered difficulties with Aadhar verification, preventing the successful creation of the account.

Since then, I have successfully created an account using a different phone number.

Previously, I had initiated the account opening process using a phone number that I could not complete due to Aadhar verification issues. Consequently, that previous account remains incomplete and half-baked.
Now, as I am trying to switch my currently opened account’s phone number to that previous phone number which is linked with my bank accounts and Aadhaar card, the app indicates that my desired number is already associated with the incomplete KYC account which I did not open yet and now not even allowing me to proceed with the further with that account also.

Could you kindly guide me on how to delete or resolve the half-baked account associated with my previous phone number?

Your prompt assistance in addressing this matter would be highly appreciated. I look forward to your guidance.

Hai @Rahul_Parmar
You can use the chat option on the app for a quick response. Also, you can create a support ticket by mailing this issue to

Tagging @Nikhil_Godbole Sir too

@razack I have mailed this issue already. And talked with customer support as well. I am very disappointed by their answer on this issue. They straightly denied me that there is no such thing now they can do to disable my half-baked KYC number to be removed from your database. That is why I have raised the issue here in the community. No bank can deny changing the number to another number I do not know what is this new policy that is not allowing me to change my basic phone number. If its a bug please do fix that.
It is very frustrating.
Kind Regards.

@razack hey team, any updates on this one.

Hi Rahul,

We acknowledge your concern. We’ve reached out to you through your registered email, and we’ve had a discussion about it. We’ll provide you with updates on the same.

Your support and patience during this time are highly valued.

Thank you!

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I have the same issue. First they didnt resolve my issue over email now they are not allowing me to change my no.

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I truly appreciate your dedication to ensuring a smooth experience for your users. The level of professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction demonstrated by you and the team at Jupiter has left a lasting positive impression on me.

So for the solution, they deleted one of my phone numbers which was stuck in between because of the half-backed process. And then I was able to change the phone number to that one from my current number.


How you deleted that number which stuck in between.
I called but they told me that the feature is comming soon, plz help me.

@Shawnpinto I faced the same issue but I was unable to change my number, can I change my number now?

It looks like complaining continuously and wasting time is the only way to solve this issue

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