I am unable to change the mobile number via app

I am trying to change my mobile number via app, after verifying human capta, it takes me to mobile number change window, when I enter the number to be changed, says " Oops, looks like this number is already linked to another jupiter account". When I checked with customer care confirmed that mobile number which I am trying to change is tried to create the Jupiter account but not completed, that is done by me only by mistake while trying to change the mobile number.hence this number is captured in their servers, so i cannot able to change that number via app now. But that is the only one number I am using nowdays in all my financial records. So I must use the same number in Jupiter too. What is the solution, pls guide.

Welcome to the community @Rajinikanth_H_C
How you contacted the customer care? Via phone call?
If so, I suggest you to mail your issue to support@jupiter.money to raise a support ticket.

Also, you can use the chat section on the app for a quicker help

I am still in continuous touch with customer support via email, app chat and phone call. They clearly told me that the mobile number which is to be changed is already captured in Jupiter server, so I cannot able to update that number to my existing account nor able to create new account.

Customer support told that If we try to create a account with new number by having existing jupiter account this type of error will occur.But my question is why such illogical policy jupiter is having. If we try like that by mistake, it should say you are already having a jupiter account and should not keep the number in server. Why that junk to be kept. This is the basic policy should be, I feel.

Finally customer support assured me that their tech team is working on feature to update the mobile number out of the app too. When that feature is rolled out, I can able to change the mobile number which is already captured in Jupiter server, I am waiting for that feature to roll out.

My final question is when that feature is going to roll out.

Ok… In this case, I hope that Shawn (our Community Manager) or the relevant team can provide an update regarding this matter. :+1:

Can I get any updates on my question?

Kindly connect with Shawn Pinto via DM. Hope he can find a solution for this.

@Shawnpinto any update on this ? Cause i am also facing the same problem from past few months.

Hey @Surojit_Ghosh have you connected with the support team regarding this? if yes, what’s the latest update given to you?

Well I have changed my mobile number to a new mobile number yesterday, so don’t need this right now.

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Last time when i contacted support team, they said this not possible as of now due to some backend complexity, we’ll update you as soon as we have any update.

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