Is it possible to not have both (virtual and physical) debit card

Why is there not an option for not having a debit card like other banks?

@MadZ7 when you open your account, ideally there is an option for you to not order the physical debit card. While the app will nudge you to order one, you can choose not to order. There will be maintenance fee associated with the virtual card which can get get waived if you meet the waiver criteria


@yagnesh01 is right, thanks!
@MadZ7 Do you not see a nudge for ordering a debit card?

You can find a banner on the home page or in the cards section.


You can block the debit card and don’t apply for a new one. You can be without debit card this way. I think you want to avoid debit card charges.


Ya this i know I am asking is there option to opt out of virtual debit card too

The Virtual Debit Card will also be deactivated when you block it.

Will jupyter not give another virtual card automatically??

I think not. But @Shawnpinto can confirm it.

@Shawnpinto can you please confirm this??

That’s right. You won’t be getting another virtual card.

@MadZ7 Welcome to the community brother.
I hope you have got the answers and @yagnesh01 sir @ManishSaini bro have mentioned your queries very clearly. :+1:

I understand that you may be considering not having both a virtual card and a physical card or thinking about deactivating them to avoid the annual maintenance charges and fees. However, I would like to highlight the positive aspects of having debit cards. If you decide to upgrade to a PRO account in the future (I hope you are using a normal saving account at present), you can enjoy rewards by using your debit cards for spending, and this can even help waive certain charges.

Another observation I made is that if you have registered for Net banking on the Federal bank website (I hope you haven’t), and you happen to forget your password, you may be required to provide your card details such as the card number and PIN to reset your password. I don’t remember if this information needs to be provided during the net banking registration process.


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