Give debit at no cost to increase customer attention

Provide physical debit card at no cost which will be helpful to refer other people. When I try to refer other people and tell about debit card issueence charges, they denied to open saving account on Jupiter.


if someone spends 1000+ money with virtual debit card they can get 300 jewels= rs 300 if someone has referred them . also most of the bank charges a lot for physical debit card there is no annual maintenance fee for Debit card which almost no bank offers for a zero balance account.

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I don’t believe the larger banks initially waive the debit issuance fee. From my experience with HDFC Bank, when i opened my initial account, i was charged for the debit card and the yearly maintenance fee. It got waived, when I made it to clasic and preferred banking.

That’s right.
Traditional banks usually wave those fees only for Salary accounts or privileged/preferred banking customers.