Debit Card Charges

So If I apply for a debit card, should I pay for both 199+GST for the physical card and virtual card or only one charge of 199+GST for one year?

@Raswanth_Jayaprakash I suppose it’s Rs.199 for both the physical and the digital card. Especially considering both the card numbers are the same.


Only 1 charge


Hai @Raswanth_Jayaprakash Welcome to the community.
I think you need to pay fee only for Physical card as @alexnazy said.
But, annual fee of ₹199 + GST **will be levied for the first time from March 2024 onwards for both Virtual card and Debit card

Edit: Thanks Jiten Boss for the clarification :v:t2:

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Let’s not forget there are milestones that are put in place for the fee to get waived.


@yagnesh01 My mistake…I forgot to add that section in my post and thanks for the reminder sir :blob_thanks:
@Raswanth_Jayaprakash You can refer this link/post for any info regarding Annual fee waiver :v:t2:

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Let it be simple!

Issuance charges 299+gst always for physical cards.

Annual charges 199+gst for both in case of Jupiter.