Debit card and Cheque book

Can somebody kindly clarify on the exact charges for the debit card?
In the compare accounts page the charges seems to be free for PRO Salary Account, but when I try to book one, it shows Rs. 199+GST.

Also the cheque book request…
Shouldn’t it dispatched to communication address instead of permanent address?


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Don’t confuse with that.

You have to pay one time Debit Card fee of Rs. 199+GST

He has Pro Salary account and charges are free for that.

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But the charges for Debit card charged at the time of account opening.

:zap: And without ordering physical Debit card you can’t proceed further.

:zap: Another things is that, how anyone can join pro salary before account opening

Ignore that line of free Debit card (means there must be joining fees but no annual fees)

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Then it looks like the compare page needs a correction.
It looks like a feature limited to PRO Salary Account holders.
A reason one would want to switch their account types for.
And thats the only reason I switched to PRO.
@Shawnpinto can you please shed some light on this.

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@Zed Just checking, is your account type pro right now?
If you’ve ordered the physical card for the first time while your account is in pro, it’s free.

Yes… definitely it’s a pro salary. It was swtched on 13th of this month and this page(199+GST) was same before and after the switch.

Got it. It’s this page right?

DC charges

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Exactly this.


We’ll get this checked with the team, I’ll ping you if anything comes up.

Thanks @Zed :grin:

Please also look into the check book shawn. It seems to be an error the dispatch address should either be Communication or Shipping address. :beers:

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@Zed Sure thing!
Also regarding the debit card fees. It’s charged for pro but not pro salary.

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I am having pro salary account but it is showing me to pay 235rs (Inclu GST) for debit card

:zap: One time charges for Debit card is charged while ordering physical card.

:zap: If u don’t ordered physical debit card it can’t proceed for next steps.

:zap: So how anyone can open pro salary account before jupiter saving account

Can You Clarify

Hello Bikesh!

The charges deducted while ordering the card will be refunded to you in the form of Jewels after the first salary credit.

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i am old salary acoount holder will jewels get credited or it should be our first salary credit

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Let me ping you to get your contact details. We will get this checked.

Hello Satyajit!

You should be able to activate your virtual debit card and then proceed with the rest of the steps. For Pro Salary conversion, your account must be fully verified (video verification must be completed). If you wish to apply for your physical debit card, the charges will be reversed back to you in the form of jewels once you are upgraded to Pro salary.


Thanks for the information :+1:


Okay guys I’m marking this as solved.

Though there was no proper clarity on the debit card charges.
I will leave my experience here…
The customer care informed me that the debit card charges will be refunded in the form of jewels however today i.e. 5 days after booking the card I have received a refund directly in the bank account.