Jupiter Debit Card Charges

There are waiver options provided for same. Those terms are very relaxed if you read through carefully.


There are waiver options for now. We never know when they will be revised, and going by track record, they can be revised anytime, no? I don’t think you’ll need business advice from your users, but please, for the sake of the other 8 (or seven if you don’t count Pluto) planets, reconsider the devaluation.

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While there may be waiver options available, it’s important to note that these terms may not be as relaxed for everyone. Meeting the requirements for a waiver can still be a burden for many, and even with a waiver, the cost for that may still be unaffordable, particularly for students or low-income individuals who may still struggle to meet the requirements. While waivers can be helpful, it’s important to consider the broader financial circumstances of individuals who may still find it challenging to access these options. It’s important for companies and organizations to consider the diverse financial circumstances of their users and provide options that are truly accessible to all.

[Just sharing my thoughts :v:t2: ]

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Saala yeh dukh khatm hi nhi hota be :confounded:


Hi Jiten.
Totally agree with your words where customers have to contribute for the business to grow and I am supporter of it too.
Being an entrepreneur is the toughest job. Kudos to you.
Roughly around Rs.250/- per year is no big deal for anyone.
The terms for fee waiver are very relaxing though as you said.
But most of the people on the forum are bothered about changing the TnC after ordering the card when it was shown that there is only a one time fee.
Better option would be to charge only the customers who are newly onboarded. This way the old customers would be satisfied and Jupiter can live upto the promise they made at the time of ordering the physical card for old customers.
EOD, it’s the team call. Survival of the business is the key.


In case of waiver conditions not being met by existing users, we would charge them only in March/April 24. Not charging immediately. FYI


Waiver or Non-waiver. I like Jupiter. Now my primary account for all transactions is Jupiter too.
Hope you people make the experience more smoother than before. :slight_smile:


Initially, I was like you using Jupiter as my primary bank

After above two experiences, I changed my opinion and understood that Jupiter have to develop a lot. Especially in terms and conditions of 1% cashback (only reason for using Jupiter/Jupiter debit card and maintaining NRV of 10k) which are no where available to read and understand even Jupiter customer care also not aware (once go through 1st link) and bugs where sometimes, users(like you and me) have to pay some price because of a bug in the Jupiter app (once go through 2nd link).

I am not asking you to change your mind, but you should be aware of this. Else, you may end up like me.


“Become a PRO or Salary Account user for any 6 months”

“we would charge them only in March/April 24. Not charging immediately. FYI”

Everyone here joined your banking platform because of 0 service cahrges on bank acount and debit card. Jupiter was initially marketed that way. Now all of a sudden we are being introduced to PRO, charged debit card and now ANNUAL FEE? seriously you guys are going to lose a lot of customers, physical banks >>> neo banks.
Remember that.


Yeah agree. There are lot of bugs for sure.
Good chances they might even discontinue the 1% rewards in coming days.
I am using it to route my all transactions so that I can have insights for ally spends.


Which platform are you using now?


UPI - Amazon pay/Google pay

Bill payments / online shopping - Initially only Jupiter debit card but after that experience started using onecard also.

@here, While everyone has expressed their opinions (good, not so good, agreements and disagreements), we should, absolutely should, remember this - very few companies engage with their customers, seek their inputs on product development and way forward. Again, before any one decides to pounce, i am saying very few companies do that. And the companies that do it, drive this as top down approach - meaning the founders are passionate about the building the community, taking them together in the journey. We are given this opportunity here. Let’s use it to help Jupiter build a sustainable, long term business. Feedbacks are necessary and they make a difference when they add value, not when they’re vindictive. As a community, humbly request everyone to Focus on value addition.


This thread was created on 26th March. You’ve replied this information on 6th April.
I said it in my previous reply, why is everything changing silently. The customer care has no idea on this at all. I had to screenshot from the website and share with them.
And proactiveness, I realised about AMC 5 days after it was added to the Jupiter and bank charges page. And it took you 10 days to convey this. 10 days. Was none of this planned? Or did the team assume people will understand it like you assumed everyone will be a salaried professional.

Secondly, when features for debit card do not work, paying AMC for it is just absurd. I have explained it previously, and I am not going to write it all again.
This whole situation is like buying a car, which has lots of problems, and the company instead of fixing them is charging for heating seats.

And again, why are you changing everything so silently? The charge was added silently, the terms changed silently. And like I mentioned before, even other charges gets changed silently. Txn decline at ATM, incorrect CVV, incorrect PIN etc, all of them were upto free 5 instances, but were reduced to only 2. Again, no notification. It just feels like you want to catch people off guard.
Not to mention your upcoming subscription model for another membership tier or something being built right now.

I am asking you to be more transparent, proactive, and importantly, first finalize what you want to do internally and then let people know. Plan everything, not just push everything that gets built. As I said before, it’s baffling how customer care has no idea about it.


What do they mean by applicable merchant spending??? they didn’t even specify it properly.

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ITS better to use credit cards for such transactions


Please don’t mix them up. There is a significant difference between Fi & Jupiter charges. Fi introduced the charges only for new customers. That’s understandable. You provided free goodies earlier but now you don’t do anymore. But Jupiter brings it for all customers, both new and existing. That’s cheating. It’s like advertising free lunch and now in the middle of the lunch, you are asking to pay. Thus forcing your existing customers to pay or leave. I used to keep more than 10k for pro benefits. But one assurance was that since there are no charges I could pull off the money anytime I need. That is a peace of mind. But now things have changed.

Regarding my personal decision. Since Jiten said the charges will only get levied in March 2024. I will wait till year-end for these charges reversal or at least make them free for customers who joined in 2022 and earlier. If none happened I will close my account. It’s not about just money. It’s about ethics and dignity.


One more point to add. If this is the case how exactly is Jupiter a neo bank, which doesn’t have physical branches and saves money on that etc. And what exactly is the difference between neo banks like Jupiter and physical banks like IDFC First Bank? That also gives a free debit card, with no other account or transfer charges, and better interest as well. only if you maintain a minimum balance of like 10k or 25k. What’s the whole point of neo-bank then?


Totally agree aith you arka.
It’s not about the charges. It’s about ethics.
If one doesn’t stick to their own words, customers won’t trust you anymore.
From now on, customers will think twice before subscribing any products if they say even if there are no charges as they keep on swallowing their own words.


also there are many better debit cards compared to jupiter’s like hdfc millennia debit card though it has a higher amc offers are also great if users have to pay for debit card why not going for a traditional bank like hdfc for better offers.