One debit card feature you can't live without? 💳

Tell us that one important thing and guess what we will make it better :sunglasses: Challenge accepted! If it is so important to you, has to be very important to us even! :purple_heart:

Unlimited lounge access!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses:


Cashback $$.
I’d definitely want cashback coming in frequently because I swipe my debit card quite often & honestly, they’re so much better than vouchers / payback points / rewards of all kinds that are difficult to discover + are super difficult to redeem! (read, time consuming) :frowning:


Agree with @paisa_paisa! Cashback for sure. Additionally , instead of swiping I want my debit card contactless specially now!


I think for cash back it makes more sense to issue a credit card as MDR is significantly higher. Can we create a card where all merchant transactions could be processed like a credit card and ATM withdrawals are processed like a debit card. I am not sure how VISA/Mastercard and other banking system could support this kind of card.


would love to have a debit card which has credit card like rewards


@rishabhjain A two in one card, with multiple functionality but in one form factor? Check out our

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Pranay has suggested something similar already :slight_smile: keep an eye out!

@rinkyjain @AB_27 @paisa_paisa Lounge access, Cashback, Vouchers/ points all covered beautifully . by @goldi in his response

Debit card which has credit card like rewards!


May be if we could have a feature of defining a spending limit on my card and track designated locations where I frequent and incase I happen to misplace it, the geolocation can help me track down

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3 features in 1 comment is cheating :stuck_out_tongue:

  • spending limit
  • location tracking
  • ability to track misplaced card (inferred)

Debit card automatically saves some amount with my every transaction and keeps it safe/growing in a stash. I actually save money as I spend. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


One of the primary and fundamental features of Debit cards that is currently not having any cheaper substitute is Cash withdrawal at will !

If possible, we should do away with the physical debit cards, use our mobile enabled virtual card transactions (OTPs / Bio metric ). We consider leveraging the larger Jupiter network (Once in place), mainly the large shopkeepers / businesses (Verified) with abundant physical cashflow to act as on demand hyper local ATMs. This will challenge the existing model of having a overhead heavy ATM infrastructure.


One feature that I surely will love to see is support of recurring payments. It is a very basic feature that not all debit cards support in India.

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Hi All,

I think going for physical debit is like getting killed. No one wants to get an additional card in her/his wallet unless it can substitute for the other existing cards. Future is virtual card… see what SBI recently did- SBI Virtual Card. It’s a simple, secure and comfortable way of transacting.

Some ideas for physical card-

Do Explore this [Debit card AR-VR feature] .(

Jupiter card which can communicate with the registered mobile phone- it can act an authentication.

One card for multiple banks- but then it has be very secure + lots of issues though, albeit possible.


Hello all, May I jump in… what if the customer can choose how the features work for example I may need cash back this month or travel features the other and you can click and un click the rewards


Recurring payments

Hey Aniruddha, interesting point - RBI allowed that from August 2019 onwards, detailed read here

And some banks already provide it, any specific bank you’ve been using that does not allow it on their debit card yet? Also if you’ve come across online merchants that don’t allow recurring debit card transactions? I for one know that Netflix allows :slight_smile:

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Hey Krishnan! Loved your Idea. One of our community members has already suggested a similar idea earlier. Can you please check it out at our – public roadmap"

Hi @siba Yes, do check out the company Abra, they already have a model that can double anyone who has a smartphone into a cashier. This works like magic in international cross border payments, dominated by likes of Western union. I presume they have a concept of bidding if the currency conversion is required.
But in our domestic scenario, it should be straight forward.

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Yes, ICICI provides it at most merchants, I personally was not able to use SBI card on App Store, Play Store, Microsoft store for subscriptions services, but a cloud storage provider Internxt accepted for monthly subscriptions, so does not understand exactly is it an issue on merchants level or bank level.

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