Temporary card lock

When we ran a thread on One debit card feature you can’t live without, this idea suggested by @farzand was picked by our Team:

How would you folks intend to benefit from it?
PS: It shall be prioritized considering your Use Cases!

For me, I would definitely use this when I am travelling/ commuting. Unsafe places where I fear theft of my wallet/ bag (houses my card).

Would come in handy only to activate it while I use my card.

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Most times I am charged for a subscription after the free trial period. I think it would help to temp block a card when a subscription is due. You would ask why not cancel the subscription?

I have found services that bury the cancellation feature so deep that I’ve given up finding that.

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Rather than a temporary card lock , it needs to be a real time card lock / unlock. It might be a trickier implementation since the rails doesn’t support such configurations yet.

I would personally use temp card lock/unlock feature while I’m travelling some place new or to a different country where I don’t feel safe or there’s a high risk of theft or loosing your belongings. It would a much better solution if it’s a real time lock/unlock system, or something that can be implemented within just couple minutes or in less than an hour.

Sometimes, I’ve visited places where the security is tight and they ask me to submit my wallet and phone and I don’t get it back unless I exit the premises. That’s the kind of place where the theft or loss is most likely to occur. I never feel safe submitting my wallet which hold my cards and identity at the same time at those kind of places. Who knows if the security person is an honest one. :expressionless: If I visit those kind of place, I would lock my card for at least 7 days after the visit and only unlock it if I need to use my card. Otherwise, will use UPI wherever possible.

Hey Abhishek, can absolutely relate to it, thats the reason we do have Freeze Card Feature for the case if you have misplaced your card but hope to get it back soon, you don’t need to block it permanently and apply for a new card. You can just freeze it which will block all transactions on your card until you unfreeze.