Temporary card lock

When we ran a thread on One debit card feature you can’t live without, this idea suggested by @farzand was picked by our Team:

How would you folks intend to benefit from it?
PS: It shall be prioritized considering your Use Cases!

For me, I would definitely use this when I am travelling/ commuting. Unsafe places where I fear theft of my wallet/ bag (houses my card).

Would come in handy only to activate it while I use my card.

Most times I am charged for a subscription after the free trial period. I think it would help to temp block a card when a subscription is due. You would ask why not cancel the subscription?

I have found services that bury the cancellation feature so deep that I’ve given up finding that.

Rather than a temporary card lock , it needs to be a real time card lock / unlock. It might be a trickier implementation since the rails doesn’t support such configurations yet.

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