Debit Card Activation Screen requires a revisit

I think there should be a footnote at some point in the debit card activation journey saying or even implying that Physical Card needs to be ordered separately or maybe even “Free Physical card is optional and this only activates Virtual Card”

There could also be a toggle requesting for physical card at the time of setting pin where you should be given choice of choosing mailing address and a Red note below saying "Card can be ordered for free at a later date as well :wink: "

Refer to this post as he wouldn’t have faced this issue if some ideas I’ve given were implemented.

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Yes, absolutely I agree with you.

I thought my card is already ordered.
But after few days I get to know first we need to set the virtual Card Pin then We Can get the option to order the card.

This should be improved.

I was worried of having to go through the hectic process of getting my card from the post office, they sometimes just mark my address as Person was unreachable and return my courier, luckily the order wasn’t placed and I had to order physical card separately. Glad virtual cards are now a thing!

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Yoo, but if you belong from City’

Then they will send via Bluedart Most probably.

I just love bluedart service and their customer support

Many times they delivered the product within 1 day.

yeah it delivers to in a day itself plus it shows tracking within the app also it shows when it will be delivered as per estimated date via courier services which is really great non of the banking partner have this thing it is really cool to manage everything in app and this is early access many more to come waiting for new and exciting features in the future thumbs up JUPITER TEAM :smile:

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Man! Please tell me which courier/Indian Post deliver your Jupiter card so if it’s bluedart/Delhivery so I will inform Nearest HUB

I’m too excited for more features.

Aslo Waiting excited for bullet because I got my limit in January but that time bullet was not available in my city so in June I saw that my limit was (unblocked) I used bullet but all of sudden bullet increase my limit and I was very happy.

Now bullet is paused as you know but hope bullet will get approved by authorities and will come Back by 24thSept.

it was bluedart and they delivered it before the estimated delivery date which is really good

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I am in a Tier II city and I’ve had absolutely horrendous Experiences with both DHL, Fedex and Bluedart. India post is far better than these cripples. Since I live in the outskirts and the main road is about 8km, these guys just don’t want to take a detour and go through the hassle of delivering it, they literally blackmail me that they’ll return the order otherwise. I’ll have to threaten a complaint and tell them I’ve recorded the call for them to actually deliver the order to my address.

I have had no issues with India Post ever, except once the receptionist had a condescending behavior and my stern words subsided it. Otherwise, hats of to those postmen, they really are some heroes on their little two-wheelers or sometimes even bicycles.

Those guys on the minivans are the bitter ones. Obviously, not everyone, I am just referring to the pricks in my city

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Okay I know in some cities bluedart DHL FedEx Etc they not give good service.

But as per my knowledge DHL Officially Own Bluedart.

India Post is aslo good.

Yep, DHL owns bluedart and unfortunately both are trash here

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Okay, before bluedart delivery boy give me problem like he not arrived my home and status update (Wrong Area) (Landmark) (No One is Available).

After facing this problem After few days my area delivery boy was changed

I think they hired a new team in my area.

hmm… interesting. Still Private Courier service in India sucks anywhere outside Tier I cities.

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I don’t know about other cities but in my town I can say all the courier services are far better than Indian post and service of Bluedart is best.

If you facing problem with Bluedart I could recommend you please file a complain against the delivery boy or delivery center.

Definitely they will take strict action. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try that out, thanks

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Yes, you can give a try😉.