Blocked Debit Card

User Story:

“I do not remember things; I do not remember blocking this card/I do not know how it got blocked. I have the physical card with me though.”

On the screen, there’s no information regarding who blocked this/why was it blocked.

Here’s what could be done:

  1. Provision for furnishing reasoning for blocking the card - via user or through admin side of the product

  2. Display minimal information around who triggered the action (and the reason)

  3. Additionally, go to Learn More > Frequently asked question provisioning for:
    Q. Who can block your card?
    Q. How can your card get blocked?

This can account for the situation.


Hello @Aniket_Dutta ,

We are here to help. Let me DM you so that we can fix this😊.

I have the same problem, card randomly got blocked and asks me to buy a new one


Same happened with me as well , i was going through Jupiter all and found out that my debit card has been blocked. And now they are asking me to purchase a new one

It happened with my Mom’s card too. I assumed she might have blocked it unknowingly and ordered a new one.
But seeing so many users with same issue is alarming.


My mother’s Jupiter debit card was suddenly permanently blocked. I opened the app and it showed card permanently blocked, my mother never blocked it. Now it’s asking for 199 inr for new debit card, why should I pay or get a new card if I never blocked it. Please help.

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An issue had occured due to a system upgrade at our end. Because of this, some cards were blocked.

Next steps:
If your virtual was blocked, you can go ahead and activate the virtual card again.

If your physical card was blocked, you can activate your virtual card and if you want to get a physical Debit Card, you can order a new card and bear the charges. We shall be refunding the same :slight_smile:


Hey, Arav. We completely own to this mistake. We will connect with you via a DM and shall assist you further.

Hey, Anshul. We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We will connect with you via DM and have your issue addressed.

Thank you.

Hey Dhruv!

We never intend to disappoint our users. I’ll be connecting with you via DM to assist you further on this.

Hey Raghav!

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. I’ll be connecting with you via DM to assist you further on this.


I just checked today and I found the same thing happened to me. I went ahead and activated the virtual card and I got a new virtual card activated.

Assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, Soham. We regret the experience you’ve had. We will connect with you Via a DM and have your issue addressed immediately.

Appreciate the gesture @Shawnpinto
Though a proactive disclosure on this would have been better.

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निशब्द, क्योंकि मैं बोलता हूं तो मामला बिगड़ जाता है

@Shawnpinto My Card was blocked too, without any explanation.
Please look into this and fix it.

Just saw this and Have already ordered another card by paying ₹ 235.
Please tell if I need to raise ticket through customer care to get refund?

Hi Mukesh!

No worries, I’ll DM you and assist you with this.

Thank you Devika.
When can I expect to get the refund.
Please see my account detail in DM

I have shared the details via DM and shall keep you posted there. Thank you!